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Early Signs of Autism in Children

Autism is a very common medical condition. Many people do not realize that at least eight infants out of each one thousand born each year will be born with autism. Many parents are quite concerned about the rising statistics of autism. It is something that is important, and should be considered by each new parent. It is important to ensure that you understand what the early signs on autism in children are if you are a parent. The quicker that autism is found in a child, the better the possibility is when it comes to the outcome of the medical condition. Here, you will find many of the early signs of autism in children.

1) The first early sign of autism in children is when they do not progress appropriately by the time that they are one year of age. This includes being able to make certain babbling noises, and displaying particular gestures and such. 2) If your child has not said their first word by the time that they are approximately 17 months old, you should be concerned about the possibility of autism. 3) If your child does not respond to you appropriately, or it seems as if they do not hear you, you should have a hearing test performed immediately. Often, the child who has autism does not respond in such a way that shows that they are able to hear things appropriately. 4) It is important that a child is able to put together various words by the time that they are two years of age – or younger. If your child is unable to do this, you should consult your pediatrician and express your concern as this could be an early sign of autism. 5) If you find that your child is not responding appropriately to their name, this could be a sign of autism. Of course, for many kids, this may occur as a result of being engrossed in play and various forms of entertainment, but if it happens on a consistent basis, it could be a sign of autism. 6) If your child does not play with toys in an appropriate manner, this could be a sign of autism. The autistic child may perform rituals with toys, like lining them up a certain way, or placing them in a certain area in a defined way. For example, an autistic child may line up or stack their toys in a particular manner and if they toys become disheveled, they may experience severe stress.

There are many early signs of autism that should be noted to your child’s pediatrician if you see that they are occurring. It is very important to consult a doctor if you have any suspicion of autism. The earlier that you detect autism in a child, the more effective that the treatments can be over time.

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